Did Play visit you today?

December 30, 2017


We all understand play when we witness a child doing it, but what is play when you are all grown up?

Play sprouts from organic creative action, being immersed in what you are doing with an absence of

self consciousness. Add some embarrassment or judgement and play seems to fizzle and die. Play

isn't limited to obvious things like games or sand castle building. Play can erupt from anything or

from anywhere. It has no goal nor destination. It happens when you aren't looking, or when you really


Play tends to be fun, but it could also be serious too. Mostly, play is what happens when the past and

the future have melted away, and you are one with the present moment. It is the delicious experience

of being completely absorbed in what you are doing, so that nothing else exists in that moment. 

You've left behind the "have to's", "should's", and "must's", and entered the world of being. There, in

play, nothing blocks your expression. You are yourself and it feels completely natural and pure. Play

and being playful are what's there when the judge is absent. Play is an expression of Love manifest.

Did play visit you today? 


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